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Elbow Room Stories
Our clients share their personal experiences with predatory student loans.
This is why Elbow Room was born!

*In an effort to protect the privacy of our public servant leaders, these videos have been recorded within the elbow room, to protect thier privacy.
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Issue: The crisis.


The economic crisis caused by student loan debt must be addressed. Approximately 70% of college graduates are in debt.


In addition, many with graduate degrees owe over $200,000 in student debt. As of 2021, the total student debt is over $1.8 trillion, and we will work to eradicate student debt for public service leaders in healthcare, non-profit, and education.

"If I had no student debt, I would be able to pay for my son's education so he doesn't have to go through this."


Creating impact by paying it forward.


Elbow Room's transformational view of addressing the student debt crisis is focused on being intentional and matching benefactors with indebted black female public service leaders who will have an exponential impact on individuals that deserve the opportunity to lead without facing the challenges of debt.


This model emphasizes lifting our public service leaders out of their personal financial challenges by paying off each loan, one at a time. The legacy of paying it forward is the essence and foundation of Elbow Room.


"My student loan debt load is the equivalent of a house in the midwest or the south. I went to law school so that I could advocate for youth and help them have a future unencumbered by criminal backgrounds. However, my passion for public service has created a challenge for me to provide for my child, live in a safe neighborhood,  and save for her education.


I have worked in non-profit organizations and served people to improve society, at a financial cost because my salary is limited but my debt load is not reduced.


I keep up my loan payments, live frugally, drive a used car, send my child to public school, but I cannot save for a home or reduce this debt without taking on a third job."   


Elbow Room Candidate - nonprofit attorney 

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