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Our Mission


Elbow Room is on a mission to provide financial literacy education to break the cycle of predatory student loan debt for all. In addition, we are focused on reducing student loan debt for black and brown women with careers in public service, including education, nonprofit and government professionals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Crisis & Solution

Elbow Room was born from the urgent need to address the predatory nature of student loans inundating our public service professionals in America. Inspired by the video series 'ELBOW ROOM,' by Holly Johnson Friar where individuals bravely shared their stories while preserving their anonymity from elbow to chin, our organization embraces the concept of space for honest, shame-free narratives. We recognize the pervasive shame surrounding the social situations many face and we're determined to be part of the solution in offering these professionals some financial elbow room. At Elbow Room, we're not just a not-for-profit; we're a platform for empowerment and change.

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Our Model


Project Goals

  1. Provide an online resource of information and assistance.

  2. Alleviate the financial burden of student debt.

  3. Empower women to pursue career advancement and economic independence.

  4. Implement our Elbow Room model which encompasses the following:

Advocacy Support

·       Face-to-face Counseling & Guidance

·       E-learning & Online Facilitation

·       Digital Resource & Solutions

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